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Hello, Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Lisa Chambers McCall. I grew up with a Yashica 220 SLR camera in hand, my father was a photographer and he taught me at a young age how to use a camera, develop my own pictures in our dark room. We kept film in a refrigerator and had to choose the speed of film based on the pictures we were taking. This was before digital and then you really had to plan. I always enjoyed when Dad was photographing students at my school and being on the yearbook staff. I took pictures for the yearbook, I also helped him with the students. Back then it was a real art. He made sure each student had a new comb for neat hair, he was also quite the character so he made sure the students had smiles on their faces.

Dad took pride in his work and it showed in his yearbooks with all the smiling faces! This is where I learned my work ethic and love for the art of photography.Dad also got an early start, he began his career right here in NC at a TV station in Reidsville and went on to be a paratrooper

Dad ~ Carl Chambers

photographer / pilot in the army before moving to Williamsport, PA to start his Photography business.

I guess you could say photography runs deep in our blood, its not what we do its who we are.Today with the digital SLR cameras you have more flexibility, with the flip of a switch you can change the speed without having to change film or cameras and get the shot! I use the lessons I learned growing up with today's technology and with my creativity and lifetime experience I can capture memories for you to last you a lifetime!